June 25-30, 2012, Peacebuilders Camp

Hello SEYM Friends!

My name is Jonah McDonald, and I'm a member of the Atlanta Friends Meeting and the Southern Appalachian YM. I'm writing to introduce you to the Peacebuilders Camp that I helped found last year and to invite you to join in this work.

A considerable number of Friends have helped out with the camp - helping spread the word to prospective campers, donating to the scholarship fund, and even providing full scholarships to a few kids from Emmaus House in Atlanta. Our June 2011 Camp went really well and I believe the campers came away with a new understanding of peacebuilding and social justice. We were blessed with 16 campers, aged 9 - 14, from very diverse backgrounds - kids from the Atlanta peace community, kids from Emmaus House (an inner-city Episcopal community), several Latino immigrants, even a girl who is a refugee from Tanzania.

I invite you to read some stories and look at photos from the 2011 camp. We were even interviewed for a show on the Atlanta Interfaith Broadcasters cable channel. Visit the Peacebuilders Camp website for the stories, photos, and videos: www.peacebuilderscamp.org.

Planning and preparation for the 2012 Peacebuilders Camp is in process. Along with me and my co-director, Marilyn McGinnis, Fabiola Jimenez is returning this year as Counselor and Logistics Coordinator. We’ve just announced the 2012 camp dates (June 25-30, 2012) and are starting to publicize the camp to teens and their families.

Marilyn (my co-director) and I originally connected to start the Peacebuilders Camp because of our Peace Church connections. Marilyn is a Mennonite and has seen an outpouring of support for the camp from Central District Mennonites. We've even been asked to host a Peacebuilders Camp for Mennonite families this summer. I'd love to see Quakers continue to be as active partners with the camp as the Mennonites have become. So far, my immediate Friends Communities (my monthly and yearly meetings) have been very supportive of the camp, but I'd like to expand our circles this year to include Friends from outside Georgia and SAYMA.

I'm writing to ask you if you'd help the Peacebuilders Camp in three ways.

(1) Consider donating to build our Scholarship Fund so we can accept campers from all walks of life. More information for donors and a credit card donation form is on the Camp website: http://www.peacebuilderscamp.org/donors

The Atlanta Mennonite Fellowship, a 501(c)3 organization, is the fiscal sponsor of the Scholarship Fund. Your donation is fully tax deductible. Checks should be written to "Atlanta Mennonite Fellowship" with "Peacebuilders Camp" in the memo line and mailed to:

Peacebuilders Camp
P.O. Box 170488
Atlanta, GA 30317

(2) Please forward this email to your friends so more and more people can learn about the Peacebuilders Camp.

(3) Help us spread the word about Camp to families with 10-14 year-olds who might be interested in participating in the 2012 camp.

Thanks so much for being a part of this work! I've really appreciated the support of the Atlanta Friends Meeting and SAYMA community over the past year - and I believe that your help can make the camp an even richer experience for the campers.

In peace,

Jonah McDonald (Atlanta Friends Meeting)
Co-director, Peacebuilders Camp
Peacebuilders Camp - June 25-30, 2012